SME Marketing Hacks – How to develop an effective digital strategy

The recent explosion in digital marketing tools has made it very easy for small and medium sized enterprises to purchase or adopt one of these tools and begin using it to manage their marketing efforts. Social media platforms are both plentiful and extremely easy to access, and the ongoing advances in marketing automation software give … Continue reading SME Marketing Hacks – How to develop an effective digital strategy

Redefining How We Network

Your network is your most powerful professional development tool. Your network does not mean your hundreds of Facebook friends and LinkedIn connections. Your functioning active network is a group of 12-18 diverse individuals you’ve met throughout your career or life. These are people whom you have been able to rely upon for candid, well-meaning feedback … Continue reading Redefining How We Network

You need these tips if you are a new Graduate.

When I graduated in 2015, I was fortunate enough to have a full time position available to me at a Toronto headhunting firm. I had spent the previous two years finishing my English degree and working part time at the firm, which made my job search woes minimal. I know that is not the case … Continue reading You need these tips if you are a new Graduate.

3 Keys to Career Security

Corporate change is a killer. Business leaders are tasked with making decisions and effecting changes that will allow their company to maintain profitability and reduce costs, which can often require the removal of large portions of the workforce. In the rapidly shifting global business environment competitors are actively sourcing ways to achieve maximum operational efficiency … Continue reading 3 Keys to Career Security

Smarts Aren’t the only Key to Success

If you walked into a conference room with ten people in it and asked each person to share the one trait or characteristic they thought was most conducive to success, how many do you think would say ‘Intelligence’? If your guess is more than half, you wouldn’t be wrong. Many people believe a high intellect … Continue reading Smarts Aren’t the only Key to Success

4 Keys to a Standout Executive Resume

Let’s face it. You are just not ready to retire yet. Regardless of the situation that resulted in your current search for work, finding a new opportunity can be difficult if you have not upgraded your resume since you were last hired. As an executive, your career spans into decades. If the document you use … Continue reading 4 Keys to a Standout Executive Resume

De-Cluttering Made Simple

Many of us with busy lives let clutter build up in our homes. We receive gifts, buy things we -totally- need but never actually get around to using, hang on to things that have ‘sentimental value’ (old keepsakes such as trading cards or stuffed toys) and so on. Eventually we may reach a point where … Continue reading De-Cluttering Made Simple

The Digital Customer Experience

I turn on my OnePlus 3, absently swiping my lock combination and quickly tapping the Google Chrome app icon on my favourites bar. I type ‘OnePlus’ in the search bar and press enter. Results populate in an instant: the brand’s website and a shortlist of links to hot products, 3 top trending stories about OnePlus … Continue reading The Digital Customer Experience